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(Child subsidy for new home owners)

The "Baukindergeld" is a nationwide government subsidy. It is intended to support families and single parents with children in the purchase of a residential property.

Please note: The eligibility requirements require that you have signed the purchase agreement or have been granted the building permit between 01.01.2018 and 31.03.2021. The application for Baukindergeld is made after moving in. You have a total of 6 months to do this. According to KfW, the last day on which families and single parents can apply for Baukindergeld is 31.12.2023. After that, the subsidy period ends.

Example: You bought a house and signed the notarized purchase agreement on 22.06.2020 (deadline for the purchase agreement met). You have remodeled the house with a lot of own work and move in on 14.09.2022. You submitted the application for the Baukindergeld 2 weeks later, on 28.09.2022 (deadline for the application within 6 months after moving in met; deadline for the very last application day 31.12.2023 met).

Families with at least one child will be paid 1,200 euros in support annually. The support runs over a period of ten years, which corresponds to total support of 12,000 euros. For each additional child, there is an additional 1,200 euros.

The Baukindergeld has been available for application since September 2018. Applications can be made retroactively for all properties purchased between January 1, 2018, and March 31, 2021.

Requirements for the Baukindergeld include:

  • The taxable income must not exceed the limit of 90,000 euros for one child, and 15,000 euros higher for two children.

  • The subsidized property must be the owner's first property. In addition, it must be used by the owner.

You can find more information on the child allowance in our article "Baukindergeld: Extra benefit for new homeowners with kids". 

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