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About Hypofriend

Who is Hypofriend?

Hypofriend is a licensed German Mortgage broker using technology to help customers find the right mortgage. We have therefore made it our mission to make getting a mortgage in Germany much easier, more transparent, and more logical. Most fundamentally, our mission is to make mortgages what they ought to be: part of a sound financial and happy future for our customers who want their own home.

We seek to help our customers understand the gamma of decisions: the rationale of buying a house, how much they can afford, and what type of mortgage best fits their financial future.

We aim to be more like being a mortgage doctor: we ask our customers key questions, diagnose, and explain the choices and the impact. Not only that, but we also go deep in understanding banks, and interest rates. In other words, we study all the medications and the side effects, even do our own studies, so we can help our customers make the best decision.

At the core, we have built our unique recommendation engine, to help us do just that: remove the bias to find customers the right mortgage product at the best rate from hundreds of lenders given their unique characteristics.

In other words: Hypofriend’s mission is to help customers make smarter mortgage decisions on their journey to becoming a homeowner. We want our customers to be able to decide with confidence, and for them, we will demystify mortgages and make the process feel and look simple.

We’re the friend customers can always turn to for unbiased and independent advice.

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