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How is Hypofriend different from other mortgage brokers?

We pride ourselves on being different from the average broker. After our founder got the wrong mortgage product through another broker due to lack of transparency, unnecessary complexity, and no simple explanations, he set out to change how mortgages are recommended.

At Hypofriend, we use technology to calculate the optimal mortgage for our customers. We ask our customers several questions about their financial situation and future. This information is fed into a recommendation engine that compares different outcomes over time. We then recommend the optimal mortgage product and based on this, we go into the mortgage marketplace and find a lender that offers this product at the lowest price.

Our technology allows our customers to easily check what they can afford, apply online and upload and verify their documents without having to come to our local offices.

Our advisors are digital natives and are full-time employees of Hypofriend, where we reward performance based on excellent customer experiences. That means they are not optimizing for their commission, they optimize for our customers, which can be seen in our excellent 5-star reviews. We work with passion & care to help our customers make the most important decisions of their lives.

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