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About Hypofriend

How is Hypofriend different from other mortgage brokers?

We are proud to have changed the so far very intransparent and overly complex German mortgage business. With all due modesty, there are five things that set us apart from other mortgage brokers:

  1. We are the most specialized advisor for non-German buyers. We started out in this field and have specialized in non-standard cases (e.g. anything to do with residency or language barriers). We know all the obstacles expats often face when trying to get a mortgage. We have developed and maintained unique relationships with banks that are off-platform and therefore unknown to other brokers. It should go without saying that we offer all of our services and content in English.

  2. At Hypofriend, our advisors are not sales agents and do not earn commissions like other brokers. Instead, they are full-time employees who are rewarded based on team goals, good reviews, and customer satisfaction. 

  3. At the core of our advisory, is a holistic financial approach, meaning we look at finances differently than many other brokers. Our advisors are trained to look at the whole picture of a customer's financial situation and provide advice based on the best overall options, not just the lowest rate. That means, that we look at homebuying as an emotional but also a financial decision, and compare it with other investment alternatives so that you can live a financially secure future. This approach is reflected in our many 5-star reviews and happy new homeowners.

  4. We have developed our own unique software for both consulting customers as well as finding the best mortgage offers. We are the only mortgage broker that has integrated multiple different mortgage platforms that allow us to search the mortgage offers of virtually every bank in Germany. This means we can be faster and more competitive. Our biggest competitors only operate one platform each in order to pool their volume.

  5. Lastly, we are independent of any banks or other parties, we are not owned by a bank, insurance, or another fund that uses us for any distribution. This gives us more freedom to focus on one thing and that is our customers.

Finally, we are delighted to have developed a fully digital service that is completely dedicated to the benefit of our customers. We place the highest value on efficient, smooth processes to enable as many people as possible to realize their dream of owning a home in Germany.

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