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Refinancing: Plan your future payments now

In view of the current steady rise in interest rates and the cost of living, you better don't take any risks with your refinancing. Secure the best conditions and plannable rates for the future now.

We work with hundreds of mortgage lenders to find you the best offer.

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Minimize your interest rate risk now

Although the low-interest phase of the past few years is clearly over, historically interest rates are still at a modest level. But given the high level of inflation, interest rates are expected to continue to rise even further.

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Secure low interest rates with a building savings contract

Especially when your refinancing is due in the next 6-10 years, a building savings contract ("Bausparvertrag") can be a great way to secure interest rates far below the current level. Our advisors can calculate exactly whether this is worthwhile for you.

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Discuss your refinancing options over video

Whether you're eligible to switch to a new mortgage or lock-in to a new Forward mortgage, we'll explain over video.


Get free advice from our mortgage experts

Our team of experts will support you throughout the entire process and consult you over our proprietary video consultation software.