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I really appreciate Hypofriend’s professional advice and supports that helped us go through the whole process efficiently from defining the needs based on my personal situation to finding a suitable mortgage offer in the market. Would definitely recommend their service to anyone.


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Hypofriend assisted me by providing competitive interest rates, and a detailed understanding of the loan contract from the bank.


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We have been very happy with the service provided by Hypofriend. Buying our first property felt a bit scary, so we were very grateful to have someone to support us all along the way.


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module Mortgage

class Checker

def initialize(calcul


@calculation = calcu


def possible_pay_off?

@payments = (



Date.current + 40.


) do | result, monthly_payment,


| previous_monthly_p


Marie, 32


45.000 €


3.200 €

Monthly Income




Property Location

10 years

Likelihood to own the property




390.000 €

4 room, 74m2 apartment in Kreuzberg

420.000 €

property value

10 years Fixed Interest Period
Expected interest rate
Purchase price
Loan amount
Loan to value
Monthly rate
Repayment rate

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Is the service free?

Yes, our service is always free. Just like any German mortgage broker, we get paid a standard commission by the lender for processing a successful mortgage application. This commission will always be paid by the lender and not by you the customer. As a privately owned and independent company we strive to always deliver the best result for our customers without compromising our values.

Who is behind Hypofriend?

Hypofriend was founded in 2017 by Nick Mulder, his father Dr. Christian Mulder, and later on Pavel Jurasek to help customers make smarter mortgage decisions. Together with a team of over 50 engineers, economists, and mortgage experts they have helped hundreds of customers understand mortgages better and realize their dream of buying a property in Germany.

How does it work?

Start by calculating what you can afford, our Property Radar will then suggest properties you may be interested in. Or simply fill in the details of the property you'd like to finance and we'll calculate your optimal mortgage, advising you on how long to fix the interest rate, how quickly to repay your mortgage and how much equity to invest. We'll then apply you for the best mortgage. You will typically get your mortgage approval within 3 to 10 working days.

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"Hypofriend is a wonderful mortgage brokering service that can help German citizens and expatriates alike in the extremely complicated German mortgage financing process."