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Partnering with 400+ lenders to find you the best matching offer
Partnering with 400+ lenders to find
you the best matching offer

Hypofriend can help you at every stage
of the home buying process.

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Use Hypofriend’s affordability calculator to see what you can afford and if you qualify.
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Our intelligent algorithm will calculate the right mortgage for your personal situation taking into account factors nobody does.

10 year

Fixed Interest Period
1,29 %
507.677 €
0 €
131.910 €

15 year

Fixed Interest Period
1,74 %
400.899 €
12.486 €
120.270 €

20 year

Fixed Interest Period
2,10 %
298.707 €
40.814 €
139.860 €
Interest rate
Loan balance
at end of period
Additional cost of
5 years fixation
Expected Total
Mortgage Cost
How does the algorithm work?

Why it pays to use Hypofriend

We’re not affiliated with any banks so our results are objective,
factual and honest.

Traditional Lender

  • No Recommendation at all
  • No English Experts
  • Slow Approval
  • Biased Advice
  • Hidden Fees


  • Objective Recommendation
  • English Experts
  • Quick Approval
  • Bank Independent Advice
  • Free & Transparent

Hypofriend combines technology with finance
to ensure future homeowners get the right mortgage
and a transparent process.

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