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German mortgage fundamentals

How can I get pre-qualified?

Especially in metropolitan areas, you are often not the only buyer interested in a particular property. To stand out from the competition, you can pre-qualify for the purchase and show the seller or agent that you can afford the property. We can help you do this with our financing certificate. The certificate shows the owner and broker that you are able to afford the purchase price. In order for you to receive the financing certificate, we need to verify some personal documents as well as some documents of the property. To get the financing certificate, please follow this process:

  • Calculate how much house you can afford with our affordability calculator.

  • Discuss your wishes and ideas in a video call with your financing expert. We will also confirm your financing potential.

  • Find your dream property with the help of our property radar.

  • Get your free Hypofriend financing certificate.

  • Convince the broker and seller at the viewing and secure your advantage over the other prospective buyers.

For more information about the financing certificate, see our article "Financing Certificate: Always One Step Ahead When Buying a Property".

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