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How to choose the right fixed interest period

A fixation period which is too short could cause you financial hardship if interest rates go up significantly in the future. However, too long a fixation period could result in high costs, inflexibility, or exorbitant cancellation fees if you move on early. Hypofriend’s Optimization Engine will recommend the optimal fixed interest period for your situation.

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Our German mortgage calculator helps you calculate your mortgage options for your German dream home.

To calculate your mortgage, we need some basic information such as the price of the property, the location of the property, the amount of savings you have, the monthly payment you want to make, and information about the real estate commission.

After entering this information into our German Mortgage Calculator, we calculate the estimated loan amount, interest rate, and loan balance at the end of the various fixed interest periods, as well as the date we expect the loan to be fully repaid.

Important: The loan amount is not the same as the total purchase price because it does not take into account additional purchasing costs. These include the real estate commission, transfer tax, and notary fees.

The monthly repayment rate results from the loan amount, the annual interest rate, and the annual repayment rate. The interest rate is fixed for a specific term. Particularly long fixed interest rates (over 15 years) are usually higher.

The German mortgage calculator provides, among other things, an overview of the additional purchase costs and monthly repayments resulting from the given mortgage and the duration of financing.

The results of the mortgage calculator give you a first impression of your mortgage possibilities and help you to get orientated. It is a sample calculation that shows an overview of your expected costs. However, our calculator does not replace a personal consultation. Book your free consultation.

To find the right mortgage, there are some points you should consider. For example, it is advisable to plan the mortgage, so you have paid it off by the time you retire. Also, keep in mind that you usually need to pay the additional purchase costs yourself. However, it is possible to take out a separate personal loan for this purpose. Furthermore, your monthly repayment should be calculated realistically, so you can easily cover it without having to restrict your accustomed standard of living.

To find you the optimal mortgage, we will use our unique Hypofriend Recommendation Engine. We will begin by asking you several key questions, which will help us determine which mortgage products could work best for you.

The recommendation engine was built based on experience gained by our co-founder Chris (Dr. Chris Mulder, if you will) when he worked at the IMF and World Bank to develop models used to guide countries to manage their debt. Our engine combines modern finance theory with practical insights from our team of mortgage brokers.

To optimize the recommendation engine, we review daily the mortgage products and conditions of over 750 lenders. We then model and estimate their hidden conditions. This is how we can understand exactly what offers are available and what conditions they have.

Combining this lender know-how with given information (like your salary) and projected information (like your salary outlook), we evaluate a range of scenarios and outcomes to see how you will fare under different conditions. We discuss the outcomes and logic of the recommendations with you. Your grasp of the decision is essential. You are different from the average customer, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.

Together with our team of experienced brokers, you will understand the nuances of your situation and fine-tune your mortgage decision.

There are three main decisions you need to make for your mortgage in Germany: First, there is the question of how long you want to fix the interest rate, then how quickly you will repay your loan, and finally how much equity you want to invest.

  1. Fixed interest rate The longer you fix the interest rate, the more security you have in planning your mortgage loan. However, you also have to accept higher costs, because the longer the fixed interest rate, the higher the interest rate that the bank will call. With a short fixed interest rate period, on the other hand, you benefit from a lower interest rate. But you take a risk as a higher loan balance remains at the end of the fixed interest rate and you may have to take out significantly higher refinancing for it.

  2. Repayment period Regardless of the interest rate, the faster you repay your mortgage, the lower your financing costs will be, as you will only pay interest on the remaining loan amount. Vice versa, the slower you repay your loan, the higher your financing costs will be. How fast you repay your mortgage loan depends on the amount of your monthly rate and additional repayments you may make. In Germany, most banks offer the option of additional repayments between 5% and a maximum of 10% per year.

  3. The more equity or savings you bring in, the lower your loan-to-value ratio LTV and hence the interest rate at which the bank grants you your mortgage. Typically, banks lower the interest rate gradually in 5% steps of the LTV. In other words, a higher down payment means a lower LTV and a lower interest rate, and vice versa, a lower down payment means a higher interest rate due to a higher LTV.

As a rule, your savings must cover the additional purchase costs. Depending on the state, this is between 9% and 12% of the purchase price of the property. The amount of equity required cannot be answered in general terms.

Under certain conditions, it is also possible to finance a property without equity. These include, for example, a very good credit rating, a very high income, and an excellent location of the property. However, the bank will charge significantly higher interest.

This depends on several factors, such as the amount of the mortgage and how much you want to pay back monthly. The rule of thumb is that the monthly mortgage payment should not exceed 40% of your net income. This will ensure you have enough money for your living expenses.

Banks in Germany like safety and are interested in you paying back the mortgage. That is why banks in Germany are so strict about approving a mortgage.

Yes and yes. Our German mortgage calculator lists all additional purchase costs.

The additional purchase costs for a German mortgage consist of the notary fees, the real estate commission, and the property transfer tax. An important note: the amount of additional purchase costs is not the same in every federal state. While the notary fees are generally a maximum of 2% of the purchase price in every federal state, the real estate commission and land transfer tax vary.

Depending on the federal state, the property transfer tax is between 3.5% and 6.5% of the purchase price. The national average is 5.44%.

The real estate commission also varies from state to state. A maximum of 3.57% of the purchase price is charged for the real estate commission. Depending on the respective federal state, these costs are shared by the seller and the buyer. An important note: the real estate commission is usually waived for newly built properties.

Aside from the real estate agent fees, additional purchase costs are usually paid only by the buyer.

The results of the German mortgage calculator are realistic sample calculations. However, they do not represent a financing proposal or a financing confirmation. For us to find the optimal mortgage for you, we need to know your personal financial situation.

Nevertheless, our mortgage calculator is a good start in your search for the best mortgage. In the next step, our financing experts will discuss your financing options with you during a free, no-obligation online consultation, taking into account your situation, wants, and needs. Book your free consultation.

This German mortgage calculator is designed to help you determine the estimated amount you can get from over 750 mortgage lenders in Germany. However, German banks have different guidelines when it comes to rating the creditworthiness of applicants for a mortgage. For us to find the best mortgage for you, we need more information about you, your financial situation, and your future plans. With this information, our financing experts can explain your possible options in detail and provide a free personalized mortgage recommendation. Book your free consultation.

The annuity mortgage is the most popular mortgage type in Germany, which is why we include it as a repayment model in our German mortgage calculator. An annuity loan is a mortgage with a monthly repayment that is always the same amount. In other words, you pay the same amount each month.

This annuity payment consists of both interest and principal repayment. The composition of interest and repayment changes slightly with each month. This is because each repayment reduces the remaining loan balance. Therefore, with a constant interest rate, and a declining remaining loan balance, the share of interest in the installments decreases month by month, while the share of repayment increases a little month by month.

This goes on until at the end of the loan, the principal repayments are almost 100% of the monthly annuity. In other words, your savings component (the repayment of the loan balance) increases, month by month, year by year.

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