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What is special about Hypofriend's advice?

How will Hypofriend find me the right mortgage product?

We have built our unique Hypofriend Recommendation Engine (Optimizer), to help you find the right mortgage. It starts with asking you a number of key questions, that help us determine which mortgage products could work best for you.

To feed the engine, we also all the time review the mortgage products and conditions available – we scour over 750 lenders and their conditions on a daily basis. We then model and estimate their hidden conditions. This is how we know exactly what is out there and can feed these conditions into the recommendation engine.

Combining this lender know-how with your hard information (like your salary) and not so hard information (like your salary outlook), we evaluate a range of scenarios and outcomes, to see how you will fare under different conditions.

We discuss the outcomes and the logic of the recommendations with you. Your grasp of the decision is essential. You have to pay and live with your decision. And you are different from the average customer, sometimes a little sometimes a lot. Therefore, together with our team of experienced brokers, you will want to understand well and fine-tune your decision.

PS: The engine was built on experience that co-founder Chris (Dr. Chris Mulder if you will) has with developing models used to guide countries to manage their debt, when he worked at the IMF and World Bank. Our engine combines modern finance theory, with the practical insights from our team of (mainly German) mortgage brokers, that are steeped in the knowledge of the local conditions.

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