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Our mission is to help customers make better mortgage decisions. After getting the wrong mortgage product, Nick & Chris turned to mathematics to find an objective way to give mortgage advice. With their advanced mortgage recommendation engine they not only find you best mortgage given your situation but the lender who offers this product at the lowest price.
As a certified German mortgage broker, Hypofriend combines advanced algorithms to tailor the right mortgage product to your personal situation. Unlike most comparison websites, we do not solely focus on the cheapest product, instead we focus on the product that is right for you, ensuring long-term financial security.


Nick Mulder
Having experienced what the wrong mortgage looks like first hand, Nick is using his years of building products at companies like Zalando to help other homeowners make smarter decisions and enjoy a better mortgage experience. At Hypofriend, he is responsible for delivering innovative solutions to help customers make more informed decisions.
Christian Mulder
Dr. Christian
With a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics, Chris has worked as a financial expert at the World Bank & IMF for over 25 years. At the IMF, he advised countries on trillions of euros worth of assets & debt, and devised a new debt management tool for countries that can be used for individual consumers too. At Hypofriend, Chris is responsible for designing the underlying financial and economic models that lie at the heart of Hypofriend's recommendation engine.
Pavel is a technology expert who has worked at firms like Boston Consulting Group and COUP. He also built Czech Republic's first mobile bank serving over 450,000 customers. At Hypofriend his team is responsible for building out our advanced recommendation engine and working on the integration of our 400+ partner banks.

Mortgages are people’s singlest biggest investment, yet the process is:


Due to archaic processes that involve your information and data being passed between multiple parties often via physical processes.


Advisors get paid on commissions and are therefore not truly bank independent as commissions differ between banks.


Unnecessarily complex with focus on details instead of the key decisions. At the same time little use of advanced finance to help make your most important finance decision.

Our values &

Customer experience

We understand that mortgages are complex. That doesn’t mean the process has to be. Hypofriend will guide you through your main decisions and recommend you the optimal mortgage product. Our friendly advisors are here to support you whenever, wherever.


Having built the most advanced recommendation engine, our advisors are equipped with tools that deliver powerful insights into your mortgage decisions. With over 50 years of combined experience in the finance industry, you can expect only the best advice.


Hypofriend brings transparency into the German mortgage market by using an objective recommendation engine, one that optimizes the outcomes for the user and not the broker. Like all brokers, Hypofriend gets paid by the lenders, all consultations and advisory is free of charge.

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