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Handy Definitions

Notwendige Unterlagen

(Required Mortgage Documents)

Personal Documents

Identity Card & Certificate Of Registration (Ausweis & Meldebscheinigung) To legitimize yourself you need valid identity documents. If you don't have a German ID card, you'll need to provide your passport along with a registration certificate stating your current address. You can obtain a valid registration certificate at your local Bürgeramt at any time.
Payslips (Gehaltsabrechnungen) A payslip is a receipt which the employee receives when receiving their salary. It includes billing details, such as income tax, social security contributions, as well as the type and amount of supplements.
Income Tax Assesment (Einkommensteuer bescheid) Taxpayers usually get their annual income tax assessment by mail from their local tax office and, if you prefer, you can also get it electronically. Among other things, it includes information about existing real estate assets and income from self-employment.
Proof of Equity (Eigenkapital Nachweis) The higher the equity, the lower the risk for the bank and the better the conditions for you. Equity includes personal savings, but also assets such as stocks, a life insurance and other real estate.

Property Documents

Floor Plan (Grundriss) A floor plan is a true-to-scale, two-dimensional drawing that represents the relationship between spaces and is part of the exposé.
Land Register Map (Flurkarte) The map is official proof of the existence and location of a property. You can apply for it at the responsible "Landschaftskataster" and it typically costs between 12 € and 50 €.
Building Description (Baubeschreibung) The building description is an integral part of the building contract and defines which services the property developer hands over to you and at which price. It should be very detailed because only the service that is contractually agreed upon must be provided.
Land Register Extract (Grundbuchauszug) The land register extract is an expression of a land register sheet. In the land register, the ownership of land is noted, the rights and burdens, such as land charges recorded. It is obtained from the competent district court.
Living Space Calculation (Wohnflächenberechnung) The actual floor space does not match the living space, because certain areas are deducted. Living space in an apartment or a house, according to law, consists of living room, bedroom and children's room, kitchens, dining room, hallways, bathrooms and storage rooms. An appraiser measures the area, which typically takes less then two hours and costs between 160 and 250 euros.
Declaration Of Division (Teilungserklärung) In the declaration of division the ownership of multi-family houses is defined. The common areas  belong to all owners and may also be used by them, for example the staircase. The declaration of division is deposited with the Land Registry Office, because the registration of the property is based on the declaration of division. 

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