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About Hypofriend

Who is behind Pensionfriend?

Our pension team is passionate, dedicated, and world-class focused on all aspects of the pension decision, to help you plan for a safe and sound financial future. Our biggest advantage is that we understand investments. 

Dr. Chris Mulder was head of the public investment advisory at the World Bank and knows how to separate the chaff from the wheat. Our advice is based on unbiased data, unlike virtually every other investment advisory. 

Our team of economists, insurance, legal and financial experts have dissected Germany's unprecedentedly complex pension and tax system, so we have developed formulas to calculate and forecast taxes and benefits as accurately as possible.

The Pensionfriend team is moreover supported by a brilliant team of software engineers and product managers. This allows us to bring you calculators that others can only dream of. This way you can calculate for yourself how your future looks. Yes, we are proud of our team! In sum you have finance, tax, pension, and calculation experts all at your service, so you can review your basic situation in minutes and then take your time to go over different scenarios to help you build a safe and sound financial future.

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