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Legal Insurance in Germany: Helping You Know Your Rights

Sometimes you just need the help of a lawyer. Luckily, a good legal insurance covers the costs. We explain what options you have in Germany.
Jan Bandke

Jan is one of Hypofriend’s Mortgage Experts.

Published on Apr 21, 2022 Published on Apr 21, 2022 . Updated 4 months ago


Jan is one of Hypofriend’s Mortgage Experts.

Whether it's after a pileup, an unjustified dismissal or a dispute with your tenants - to make sure you're not only right, but also get justice, you often need help from a lawyer. But good legal advice is expensive – especially if the dispute cannot simply be settled, but ends up in court. Luckily, there is coverage for this in the form of legal insurance.

The key points

  • A legal protection insurance is an individual thing, the individual components should be well adapted to you and your life situation
  • Deductibles should not be avoided at all costs, as it lowers the overall cost
  • If you rent out a property you should definitely cover yourself with a special legal protection insurance for landlords
  • As a builder you do not have much choice, but you should still take out coverage