How to find the right mortgage product?

The best product is the one that suits your individual circumstances the best. It includes your job security, how long you intend to stay in your place, your age, your savings and desire for financial stability (or risk appetite, as they like to call it in finance). We factor in loan requirements that banks impose. Finding the right mortgage product is about finding the product that gives you the right long-term financial security at the lowest cost. Our advanced techniques help you avoid unnecessary cost, risks, and pick the ideal solutions. Therefore important questions you must consider and we ask are for example: How long do you plan to live in your new place, and what are your future plans with respect to your job, children, and other developments that affect your income, expenses and savings.

Our software helps you by searching through thousands of mortgage products from dozens of different lenders based on your requirements, while our human experts will then help to make the right choice with the help of our advanced and proprietary techniques to fit your individual circumstances perfectly.