Is there pre-approval in Germany?

Unlike other countries in the world, Germany does not offer formal pre-approvals. There are however, two methods with which we work with all German lenders to reduce uncertainty around your eligibility.

  1. Prescoring: an automated approach which requires you to transfer all personal, financial information through an online self-disclosure to a computer-based system which will approve or reject the request.

  2. Pre-check: a manual approach which requires a similar self-disclosure and expose to be sent out to the different German lenders.

Please be aware, that in Germany, neither prescoring nor pre-checking your eligibility is legally binding. Additionally, neither method has any negative impact on your SCHUFA score as they neutral checks and not official financing applications or requests. Only until the final application is sent with the complete documentation covering your personal information as well as the property can the formal loan contract be approved and created.

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