Which mortgage documents do I need?

The required mortgage documents that we need to provide to the lender alongside your application depends on your situation. After signing up to Hypofriend, we will generate the required document list. You can login to your secure user account to upload, encrypt and transfer them to your mortgage expert. In general, the following documents are required:

Requirements for employees:

  • Signed self-disclosure from Hypofriend.

  • Three most recent payslips from a German employer.

  • A proof of equity of funds to cover the purchase fees.

  • A signed mortgage proposal from Hypofriend.

Requirements for self-employed & freelancers:

  • Your two most recent tax declarations "Einkommensteuererklärung".

  • Your two most recent tax returns "Einkommenssteuerbescheid".

  • Your profit & loss account for the most recent full calendar year ("BWA: Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung").

  • Your balance sheets incl. profit-and-loss calculation for the last two full calendar years


  • For non-German residents, different requirements apply. You can sign up to Hypofriend to find_or_initialize_by your digital self-disclosure form and upload your documents into our secure document upload section.

The required property documents depend on the property type, for example whether its an apartment, house or plot of land that you will be buying.

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