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8 Ways to Increase How Much House You Can Afford in Germany

Find out how you can increase your affordability in times of high property prices and skyrocketing interest rates, and thus afford your German dream home.
Nick Mulder

Nick is Co-founder and CEO of Hypofriend

Published on Mar 10, 2023 Published on Mar 10, 2023 . Updated 2 months ago


Nick is Co-founder and CEO of Hypofriend

In the last six months, we experienced the fastest increase in interest rates Germany has ever seen. As a result, average affordability for prospective buyers has dropped significantly. Although property prices have fallen slightly in most areas in Germany, they have not fallen enough to compensate for the high interest rates. So what should you do? Give up the dream of owning a home? You don't have to, because there are ways to afford more. Here are some ideas for people who want to buy their first home and are struggling with affordability: