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Search across Germany’s biggest property platforms to find an apartment to buy in Bremen. With tens of thousands of apartments in Germany we’re sure you won’t miss your dream apartment in Germany. For 2022, the average square meter price for an apartment in Bremen was 2.748 €. Compared to the past quarter that is a difference of -1,60% and a difference of 7,70% compared to last year. In Bremen, the most popular and therefore expensive districts are Schwachhausen, Gete, Östliche Vorstadt and the least popular and expensive districts are Blumenthal, Häfen, Gröpelingen

Last updated on February 2, 2023

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Selling your property?

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Selling your property?
Learn more about how to buy an apartment in Bremen

The answer to the question about your budget for buying an apartment in Bremen depends on various factors, but mainly on your income, which you will use for the monthly payments, and on your equity, which should cover at least the purchase costs. Read more about how much you can afford here.

Do you like living in Bremen and can you imagine staying here for some more years in your own home? Are you interested in investing in a property in Bremen? Then the question is what is more profitable for you: renting or buying?

The answer to this question depends on several factors: What is your current rent? How much does the rent increase annually? How much would it cost to buy a comparable property? And finally, how long would you keep this property? In our rent or buy calculator you can enter all these variables and calculate for your individual case whether or at what price you should rent or buy an apartment in Bremen.

Don't worry, we'll be with you all the way to your new apartment. The next step is to use our calculator to discover your mortgage options and then discuss with one of our mortgage experts how to best buy your apartment in Bremen.

The number of apartments on offer continues to fall, but demand remains unabatedly high, and this is also true for Bremen. This means that many apartments are only available on the market for a few weeks, in some cases even just days, before they are sold.

Speed is therefore a key success factor in searching and buying an apartment in Bremen. With the notification function in our property search, we help you to discover a new offer that fits your search directly after it has been published.

Just open property search in your Hypofriend account, select the relevant filters on the right side and click on the "Activate alerts" button next to it. We will then, depending on your preference, inform you daily, weekly or monthly by email about all new property offers that match your search query. So you will never miss an interesting offer again!

This depends individually on the purchase price, the ancillary purchase costs and your equity. With our German Mortgage Calculator, we compare the best offers from more than 750 banks and lenders. But we don't just look for the best interest rate, we combine modern financial theory with the expertise and experience of our mortgage experts. This is how our intelligent recommendation software determines the best offer for you and your individual situation.

We know that most of the interesting offers for apartments to buy in Bremen are only available for a short time, as the demand is very high. In order to stay ahead in the race with other interested parties, there is only one thing you can do: you have to be faster than them when it comes to proving to the seller that you are trustworthy and well-funded.

Our financing certificate will help you to confirm to real estate brokers that you can really afford the apartment you want to buy in Bremen. In addition, it makes sense to upload the required documents for a mortgage to your Hypofriend account in advance, so that your mortgage advisor can request your optimal mortgage as fast as possible, once you have won the bid from the seller.

First, find out how much you can afford. Then you should determine what is important to you: Which neighborhoods do you like? How many rooms do you need? How many square meters do you want at least? Which features are must-haves and which ones are optional? Should it be a modern new building or rather an old building with special charm? Make a list and then use the filters in our property search to find the perfect apartment to buy in Bremen.