Don't fall for low mortgage rate advertising

Interest rates for you mortgage that are too good to be true? There's a hook and we tell you why.
Published on Aug 9, 2020
Don't fall for low mortgage rate advertising

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Written by Dr. Christian Mulder

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What is wrong with these incredibly low mortgages rates that are advertised?

First of all: When it's too good to be true, it indeed is not true. The best rates are only if you are buying a highly energy-efficient house and the implicit government subsidies that reduce the rates. 

Second, and even worse, they apply only if you bring a ton of your own money. Sometimes 60 to 70 % of the purchase price.

Think twice how much of your savings you want to invest

Why is that bad, you may ask? It is bad for two reasons: 

First, you would be very unwise to bring so much of your own money. Any proper investment advisor can tell you that there are better yields to get for your money. 

Secondly, it is a sign that you are dealing with a mortgage advisor who does not shy away from giving you poor advice, just to lure you in.

So don't fall for those low mortgage rate advertisements. Check what advice you are getting. This is the most important. Almost all advisors have access to these teaser interest rates if you would actually qualify or it would make sense. 

Hypofriend offers you financial advice

At Hypofriend, we show you how much money it makes sense to put in your house. I.e., what is the return on the extra down payment, and how does it compare to investment alternatives, like buying an investment home or stocks.

Our motto is that good financial advice provides you with safety and freedom. Safety for a financially secure old age and for unexpected mishaps in life. Freedom to change your life in due course and not be tied to a career or a job, just for the money.

Your house can be the cornerstone of your financial future. Make sure it is a sound cornerstone. 

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