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Hypofriend can help you at every stage of the home buying process. Our experienced mortgage experts are trained to advise you and answer your most important questions.

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In just 5 minutes, we’ll help you understand where you qualify and how to optimize your mortgage from hundreds of banks.


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We’ll find the best mortgage product based on your situation, saving you thousands

Our recommendation engine will calculate the optimal mortgage decisions for you.

10 years Fixed Interest Period
Best Interest rate
1,52 %
Initial Loan
405.000 €
Loan to value
95 %
Saving used
13.000 €

Saves you equity

Better for investors

10 years Fixed Interest Period
Best Interest rate
1,38 %
Initial Loan
373.000 €
Loan to value
90 %
Saving used
45.000 €

Saves you interest cost over 10 years

Lower risk


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Our team of experts will support you throughout your journey, whether that’s in-person or via our proprietary video consultation software.

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We're not affiliated with any banks so our results are objective, factual and honest.

Traditional Lender
  • No Recommendation at all
  • No English Experts
  • Slow Approval
  • Biased Advice
  • Hidden Fees
  • Objective Recommendation
  • English Experts
  • Quick Approval
  • Bank Independent Advice
  • Free & Transparent

“Wonderful mortgage broker”

Hypofriend is a wonderful mortgage brokering service that can help German citizens and expatriates alike in the extremely complicated German mortgage financing process. We are Americans buying a property overseas and we didn't think we would need assistance with securing a mortgage given that one of us speaks German fluently.