How to use Baukindergeld for my mortgage?


As of 2018, you can apply for a special benefit which is called the ‘Baukindergeld’. You have the right to receive an amount of 12.000 € for each child from the German state directly to your bank account within the following 10 years after the application.

You must ensure that you fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Your new home will be the first and only home you have in Germany.

  2. You have to buy or build it for your own use. It cannot be a holiday home.

  3. You have children living in your home up to an age of 18.

  4. You buy or build the new home after 1st January 2018 and before end 2020.

  5. Your total household income is not more than 90.000 € per year, if you have one child. For more children, the maximum amount will increase to 15.000 € by each additional child.

An application must be submitted in additional to your German tax return. You can find the application forms at: For further reading you can follow our article here.

The benefit is 1200 € per child per year for 10 years. It is tax free !

In Bayern, you can obtain an additional 300 € per child.


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