What is a SCHUFA score?

The SCHUFA Score is a numerical value that describes your creditworthiness. It is calculated by the credit agency SCHUFA and serves many companies as the basis for contractual decisions involving an assessment of your creditworthiness.

The exact calculation method of the SCHUFA Score is a trade secret. However, different data from different sources, such as public registers, are used for the calculation.

An assessment of whether a particular SCHUFA score is good can not easily be made. But the closer it is to the 100, the better.

There are ways to improve your SCHUFA score in the long term. It is particularly important to check your own credit rating for obsolete or incorrect entries and to have them deleted if necessary. The main factor determining the SCHUFA for non-Germans is the length of stay in Germany and the associated financial activity. It typically takes at least 6months to build a credible SCHUFA score.

You can get a free-copy of your SCHUFA report here.

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