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I want to purchase a property for
€ 340,000
in Mannheim without real estate commission with total savings of
€ 50,000
and an annual principal repayment of
2 %
. This implies a loan of € 320,000 and a Loan-to-Value of 92% .
Interest rate Monthly rate
5 year
Fixed Interest Period
0.43% € 648
10 year
Fixed Interest Period
0.48% € 661
15 year
Fixed Interest Period
0.87% € 765
20 year
Fixed Interest Period
1.25% € 867
25 year
Fixed Interest Period
1.46% € 923
30 year
Fixed Interest Period
1.65% € 973

Rates updated daily (Last updated on September 15, 2019)

Buying a property in Mannheim

Purchase fees in Mannheim

Whether you are buying a property as a primary residence, second home or investment property, every state in Germany has their own singular purchase fees.

These fees are composed of the notary fee, real estate commission, and property transfer tax.

When buying a property in Mannheim the notary fee is 2% of the property price, an amount that remains constant throughout Germany.

The use of a real estate agent to acquire a property in Mannheim adds a commission of 7,14% to the purchase fees, where 3,57% is paid by the buyer and 3,57% of the commission is covered by the seller. However, in certain cases, depending on the size of the property price, this amount can be negotiated. Newly built projects, or properties bought directly from a distributor are typically commission-free.

Finally, the property transfer tax amounts to 5,00%. Given a property price of € 400,000, the purchase fees in Mannheim are either , or , depending on whether you use a real estate agent when you purchase your property.

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