German Mortgage Glossary

KfW Loan

(KfW Darlehen)

The KfW offers co-financing to local banks so that your mortgage is not just from the local bank but also includes a portion from the KfW. Up to 50,000 Euro can be financed with the KfW for the purchase of a house. The KfW charges a low interest rates but require relatively rapid repayment. This does imply a high monthly payment in the first 10 years of your loan. 

KFW is the development bank of Germany--Kredietanstalt fur Wiederaufbau. Part of its mission is to support domestic development. In their words: "People who want to build or buy a home will be financing through their regular bank what may be the biggest investment of their lives, as well as subsequent investment in energy-efficient refurbishment or conversions to make their homes senior friendly. KfW joins the commercial bank in the lending process and closes financing gaps to make the financing affordable."