Can I use a KfW subsidy with my mortgage?

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is a German government owned development bank that offers homebuilders and buyers various low interest support programs to help mortgage, build or renovate a home. Borrowers can often combine one funding program with others. Our experts can help you work with lenders to see if you’re eligible for the following products:

KfW Residential Property Program 124/134:

KfW promotes the purchase or construction of residential homes or apartments:

  • Borrow up to 100.000 €

  • Interest rate from 1,00 %

  • Applicant may combine this loan from other KfW products.

You may be eligible for this is you are buying for own-use. Our experts will typically combine this product with another mortgage loan.

Energy Efficient Loan 153:

KfW also promotes home renovation projects that enhance energy efficiency:

  • From 0.75% annual interest rate plus a subsidy of up to 27.500 € to help repay the loan.

  • Properties refurbished as a “KfW Efficient House” can apply for a grant up to 100.000 €, or up to 50.000 € for individual measures or packages of measures.

Besides offering lower interest rates, the KfW also has special repayments in place. Whilst most banks limit special repayment to a one-time annual payment of 5,00 % or 10,00 % of the loan amount only, KfW allows borrowers to repay the loan amount completely or with instalments of 1.000 € or more.

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