What more should I consider before closing my mortgage?

In general, since in Germany the purchasing costs are so high, it does not pay off to move quickly. While you may outgrow your property quickly, you must consider the options, like selling or renting and upscaling.

In Germany, unlike most countries you have different forms of refinancing options, including a forward Darlehen (a forward mortgage) which you can close up to 66 months before your fixed period ends. That way you can lock-in the current low interest rates for the future. Our experts will be there to consult you, even after you have closed your first mortgage.

Notably in Germany, there is a specific ruling: § 489 BGB that stipulates that you are allowed to cancel the contract with the bank after 10 years, it will go into effect 6 months later (depending on the fixed period length), our service also helps customers cancel and switch or cancel and sell.